Gov Brown signs SB 65

September 16, 2017 at 5:13 PM

SB 65 aims at making sure drivers or passengers in vehicles do not smoke or consume marijuana in any form.

“This bill simply makes our laws on using marijuana while driving or riding in cars consistent with our laws on consuming alcohol while driving or riding in vehicles,” Sen. Jerry Hill, a Democrat representing San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, said of the bill he authored.

Hill said SB 65 “enhances” Prop. 64. That proposition, which was approved by California’s voters last November, stipulated that it’s illegal to have open pot containers in vehicles but doesn’t address the use of cannabis by other passengers or in other forms.

“The bill adds marijuana consumption to the law prohibiting alcohol consumption, which is an infraction currently punishable with a base fine of $70,” Hill’s office said.

“You should be holding the steering wheel — not a joint or an edible,” Santa Clara County District Attorney Rosen said of SB 65. “There is nothing recreational, medicinal or legal about hurting someone in a car accident when you’re high. Please don’t do it.”

One of the bills that Brown vetoed also had to do with marijuana. SB 663 was aimed at ensuring cannabis packages and labels are not attractive to children.

“Current law already prohibits cannabis and cannabis products from being designed to be attractive to children,” Brown said in his veto message, while adding that state licensing authorities are already working on labeling restrictions.