California Industrial Hemp Law

May 4, 2017 at 9:02 PM

81003. (a) Except for an established agricultural research institution, and before cultivation, a grower of industrial hemp for commercial purposes shall register with the commissioner of the county in which the grower intends to engage in industrial hemp cultivation. (1) The application shall include all of the following: (A) The name, physical address, and mailing address of the applicant. (B) The legal description, Global Positioning System coordinates, and map of the land area on which the applicant plans to engage in industrial hemp cultivation, storage, or both. (C) The approved seed cultivar to be grown and whether the seed cultivar will be grown for its grain or fiber, or as a dual purpose crop. (2) (A) The application shall be accompanied by a registration fee, as determined pursuant to Section 81005. (B) A registration issued pursuant to this section shall be valid for two years, after which the registrant shall renew his or her registration and pay an accompanying renewal fee, as determined pursuant to Section 81005. (b)

If the commissioner determines that the requirements for registration pursuant to this division are met, the commissioner shall issue a registration to the applicant.


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